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July 30, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing Equipment

4 Useless Fishing Products

These are 4 totally useless fishing products. If you own one or more of them, that’s fine. I feel for you, but that’s fine. I am always surprised by how easily marketing companies have it with outdoorsmen. Truth be told, I don’t think the real hardcore outdoorsmen fall for the ploys. But I keep running into people who own these things and it’s kind of a bummer. But I digress. Here’s the list.

Branded Kid’s Rod and Reel

When I was a kid I had a Snoopy fishing pole. I like it because it was mine. No one else used it. And the reason no one else used it was because it was garbage. The reel rusted into oblivion. The rod couldn’t handle most panfish let alone anything bigger than a crappie. And it had a handle like a pair of scissors so your hand wasn’t supposed to slip off. It’s the equivalent of teaching a kid to hunt deer with a slingshot. If you want your kid to learn to fish, get them a real rod and reel. If you want them to feel special, buy one especially for them and make it off limits to the rest of the family. No Barbie rods. No X-Men rods. Get them real stuff.

Electric Filet Knife

When’s the last time you saw a professional fish monger using an electric filet knife? And I know what you’re saying. You’re saying “but it makes it so easy!” And my answer is that filleting a fish isn’t easy. An electric knife forces you to take shortcuts. And it makes you do a sloppy job. If you can’t deal with your regular filet knife, get a better one. If you have a good one, sharpen it. If it’s sharp and you’re still struggling, practice. But you’ve gotta give it a rest with the electric knife.

Giant Tackle Box

If you’re planning a cross-country fishing tour where you will be catching dozens of species in all different types of waters, disregard this comment. But if you’re making one or two trips to farm ponds and local lakes, you just don’t need a big tackle box.

In my garage I have a dedicated tackle cabinet. It’s actually an old cupboard. I put in nails to hang certain things. there are a few small drawers all sectioned out. And when I’m headed out to fish, I put everything I’ll need for the day–leaders, weights, hooks, lures, etc.–in a small sectioned tackle box.

If you’ve ever knocked over a giant tackle box in waist high grass, you understand my point.

Singing Bass Hanging from your Wall

This is offered without comment.

Admit it. You’ve bought some useless gear. What was it?




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