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October 6, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing Tips

Catching Bass In The Cooler Fall Weather

Fall has arrived and cooler air has moved into much of the United States. Cooler air brings cooler water. And cooler water brings schools of shad swimming frantically just below the water’s surface. And if you have schools of shad, you have schools of bass following right behind.

From my experience, it seems the bass will be in the same spot in the fall as they were when I was catching them back in the spring spawning season. You can usually find them in the creeks and pockets where there is a lot of cover. Also, I would recommend fishing where the fresh water comes into the lake, not near the side of a dam.

I like to fish in creeks, ditches and mid lake creeks. Anything that has a lot of cover. Creeks with stumps and submerged brush is perfect for catching bass in the fall.

You will also want to fish the creeks that are closer to the main channel. The main channel has a current which contains more oxygen. More oxygen means more shad and food for the larger fish in the lake.

Lipless crankbaits, shallow crankbaits and topwater baits all offer great solutions when the bass are feeding below the right surface. A fisherman enjoys nothing less than seeing a bass right below the surface just before opening his mouth and taking a bite of his topwater.

Sometimes trying something like the Carolina rig or a soft jerk bait to get those stubborn fish might work. Experimenting with the retrieve will help determine exactly how the bass want the bait that day.

In conclusion, the most important part is staying near the creeks and looking for the bait fish. Your chances of bringing a fish on board increase greatly if you cast your lures around the baitfish.

I wish you the best of luck this Fall season. Be safe.



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