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shark-kayak-fishing April 2, 2014

This Kayaker Came Really Close To A Shark. You Have...

Kayaker has close encounter with a bull shark off Florida's Navarre Beach. "My first

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big-musky March 5, 2014

Large Musky Eats Large Pike

It's awesome when someone films animals on film doing wild and crazy things. This

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trout-fishing-tips December 4, 2011

Essential Tips For Fishing For Trout

Trout fishing can be very rewarding and challenging. Whether you're a fly fisherman

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fishing gadget August 23, 2011

The Ultimate Fishing Gadget

There's now a product that will catch your fish for you. A small, quiet motor

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fishing fashion August 18, 2011

Fishing Fashion

The reason I've been thinking about fishing fashion lately has been because of the

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