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Fishing as a Career

You’ve considered trying to pull off fishing as a career before. We all have. The thought of doing something you love full time and getting paid to do it is a dream everyone has had at one time or another. So in case that bug has bitten you lately, here are a few of the jobs in fishing that just might convince you to keep your day job.

First you’ve got your fishing professional. These folks enter tournaments all across the country and even across the world. And they live and die by their catch. If you’re one of the very best (and you’re not) you win a tournament once every other season or so. But if you’re one of the bottom-feeders, you make just enough to crawl over to the next tournament. You get little to no sponsorship money and your kids start to forget what you look like because you’re always on the road.

Maybe you thought it would be fun to host a fishing show on TV. Well if you have the personality and the pedigree, you might be in good shape. But as I said already, very few make it as pros. And no one wants to watch an amateur give fishing tips on TV. Plus, it takes two or three days to get enough footage for an interesting 30 minute show. That’s a big investment of time for a fairly small return. And crews, cameras, production and the rest all cost money. At the end of the day, you don’t go home with much.

Probably your best bet is to be a fishing guide. You take folks out in your boat, let them fish with your gear and show them your favorite spots so they can catch and eat your fish. They pay you a small fee and if they have a fantastic fishing trip, they might come see you the next time they go. If they don’t catch much, you look like a terrible guide. So you put your livelihood in the hands of basic strangers. That’s not how I like to do business.

So considering these options along with the rest, my solution has been to keep my hobbies separate from my work. Sure, it would be nice to make money for hunting and fishing, but for the vast majority of us, it isn’t an option. So rather than worry about it, I keep my boat as far away from the office as I can. The worst thing would be for the boat to become the office. Because sometimes I dread going to the office. But I always love going fishing. I’d hate to wake up some day and dread going fishing.



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