Water Color Is The Key To Catching Bass

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August 5, 2011 Comments (0) Bass Fishing, Fishing Techniques, Fishing Tips

Hot Weather Calls For Different Fishing Techniques

Most of the U.S. has been affected in some way by the nationwide heat wave the past few weeks. One effect of the hot weather is the fishing has been a bit tougher. Although, anglers have still been successful in catching fish, it has created a challenge for some to adjust.

When the water temperatures warm up, some species of fish will seek cooler water. Cool water also holds more oxygen than warm water.

Chris Williamson of Jones Outfitters in Lake Placid said “Even though lake trout are deep at this time of year, they have been very lethargic. Low water and warm temperatures make fishing the Ausable or other streams very difficult.”

Smallmouth bass are usually found in cooler water than largemouths. They will go deep during the day and move up into rocky structure in the evening to feed. With the heat, it’s keeping the smallmouth down even lower.

Trout seek cover, cool water and oxygen. You can find the trout usually in a deep, shaded pool with some ripples at the head. The ripples will provide the needed aeration.

For increased fishing action, try fishing later in the evening once the sun goes down. The water will be a few degrees cooler where you can use top water or shallow lures without getting caught in deep underwater weeds.

With these tips, you should be able to beat the heat and catch some fish during this massive heat wave.





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