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How to Plan a Romantic Day Fishing Trip

After a long, cold winter, the weather is warming up (finally!). The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, romance is in the air…and all you can think of is fishing. But what if you have a significant other you’d like to share your passion with? Here’s how can you turn a day fishing trip into a romantic date.

Set the mood with your invitation

Romantic fishing trip and getawayphoto credit: Caleb Mcleod

Most women aren’t going to be enthusiastic about going fishing, the first step to create romance is the right words. When she thinks fishing trip, she thinks mess – bait, guts, blood, stink, make her think more of a romantic date.

When you invite her, talk about spending a day on the water, the beautiful scenery, the peacefulness of the outdoors. Make it sound like a romantic retreat than a day spent gutting fish.

What to bring
If your idea of food for a fishing trip is a six-pack of beer and a big bag of Cheetos, forget it. Make the most of your day with a real picnic.

Pack sexy food:

  • Succulent strawberries, juicy grapes, cool, refreshing melon
  • Sandwich fixings (not bologna on white bread!) or finger foods, all packed separately so nothing gets soggy.
  • Bite-sized pastries (relax, you can buy them at any grocery or Walmart)
  • Beverages are up to you. Whatever you both like, plus water and a non-alcoholic choice or two for variety.

Other stuff that should be on the list:

  • Sharp knife
  • Trash bag
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Cooler – food poisoning is not sexy!
  • Corkscrew or bottle opener
  • First aid kit (just in case)
  • Napkins, cups, and plastic cutlery

Bring along a stainless steel spoon to help remove fish smell from hands (you could buy one of those stainless steel soaps, but a spoon works just fine), and scented lotion to finish cleanup.

Pack two blankets – one to sit on and another to snuggle in if the weather turns chilly. Then hope for chilly.

Pick a romantic location
In this case, a great fishing date spot isn’t where you’re going to catch the most fish. Catching a mess of fish isn’t the point today. But you don’t want to get skunked either. Crank up the intimacy with a romantic fishing spot that offers beauty, solitude, and comfort. Taking her breath away with the scenery is a wonderful way to start the day.

Be considerate
Let her participate at her own level. Encourage, but don’t push. She may be as eager as you are to bait her own hook, cast, land her own catch, and to gut and scale the fish for an on-the-spot cookout (cold cuts? what cold cuts?). Or she may be happy to watch and absorb.

Bone up on fishing knowledge
Knowledge can be downright sexy when presented right. You aren’t Bubba from Forrest Gump. Don’t drone on and on about lures or 500 ways to cook fish. Learn something about the fish you’re after and be prepared with some interesting tidbits and answers to her questions.

Tell an endearing story
Romance is all about what you’re willing to share. Skip the tall fish tales and tell a personal story about fishing with your dad instead. Be yourself and keep it light. You want her to smile and feel closer to you, not feel sorry for you.

Little boy fishing holding a bass he just caughtphoto credit: cometstarmoon

If you don’t have a family experience to relate, go with an introspective story about why you love the outdoors. Sharing something personal will make her feel close to you..and maybe encourage her to get close to you.

Be spontaneous
Day-to-day romance lies in the little things. While you can’t plan spontaneity, you can look for opportunities to surprise and delight your date. Wildflowers in a water bottle, music on your iPhone, maybe a silly selfie uploaded to Instagram…the trick is to be charming and responsive, without trying too hard.

Here’s the payoff
Maybe she’s the one. If she is, and it turns into a long-term relationship, she’ll understand how much fishing means to you. Whether she’s interested in coming along on every trip or not, she’ll get it. It’s also one of those memorable moments that form the foundation of a loving relationship. Bring the romance on your day fishing trip, and you can’t lose.




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