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Interview With Author And TV Fishing Show Host Charlie Moore

There’s only one thing in the world more boring than watching golf; watching fishing. Unless it’s Charlie Moore’s fishing show. Then it’s pretty damn fun. Because instead of watching the show host fish for an hour, Charlie Moore brings on a celebrity guests and you get to watch them fish.

He’s fished with many people include Lynard Skynard, Blue October, and Mike Sullivan from Godsmack. I had the chance to catch some words with him and here’s how it went down.

You’re so good at fishing that people have made shows about you. Is this how you envisioned your life when you were a kid?

I don’t think anyone could have written a script about my life but just like people thought Wayne Gretzky would somehow play hockey, I don’t think people were shocked when watching me when I was 8 or 9. I love the outdoors and fishing, but my real love is entertaining people and I have a long ways to go from here.

Where did you learn to fish?

In the Boston area. There’s a lot of great seafood here. It’s a lifestyle. My dad had a big boat and took me all around. I got a 14 foot whaler for my family and we go cod, flounder, bluefish, and whatever,

What are your top 3 favorite spots?

1.) I love anything in Florida, fresh and sea, flats, ocean, swamps
2.) Lake Winnipesaukee in NH which is 2 hours from Boston
3.) Best fishery in America no question, Lake Champlain

Have you heard of this fad where girls where rooster feathers in their hair and it’s making fly fishing super expensive because that’s the same rooster feathers that are in the fly ties?

Yeah. It’ll come and go.

What are your favorite pieces of gear?

Lure: Inline spinners, spinner bait, rattle traps
Rod and Reel: 6 ft 6 – 15 lbs. and heavy

I take these things all over the world. When you travel like I do, you have to have something that works for everywhere. Those are my favorite lures. That’s my standard go to rod.

Walk me through a day in your shoes. What’s it like being Charlie Moore?

I’m working on 3 shows right now, 2 of which are on the air. I feel like I wake up and the phone never stops ringing.

When we go out to film, we take out 3 boats. The crew shows up at my house, we go to location with the three boats (One cameraman in my boat, 1 in the camera boat, the other boat is for gear, food, etc.). Then we do our thing. We’ll have a celebrity guest and maybe a bio sheet that we’ll look over for 5 minutes or so and from there, there’s no script. A show usually takes about a full day of fishing.

Tell me a little about your shows. Start with Beat Charlie Moore then go to No Offense.

Beat Charlie Moore had 7 seasons on ESPN. I signed that in 2003 and it’s over now, but just signed a new deal with the Versus Network under Comcast, which is now NBC sports. I just completed my first season of Charlie More No Offense, which is a lifestyle reality show. Season 2 has already been picked up and I’m excited about going from ESPN to Versus. Beat Charlie Moore was about the challenge, but after 96 episodes, it needed something new.

What is the Cod Father?

He’s a character we made up who is like John Gotti with a fishing pole. The thing about outdoors people is they all have their secret spot, even if it’s just a place where they launch a kayak on a river. So I created a character whom you have to ask for permission to go fishing in certain spots. And it kind of took off from there.

Who was your favorite guest?

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I do have one who freaked me out and that was Batman. Because I grew up watching Batman and then spent an entire day fishing with him. I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was fishing with Batman. He was telling me all these things, like how he had the first cellphone, and about the Batmobile, and the whole time, he was wearing a cape.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened between you and a guest?

One time, Bill Gordon, who plays for the San Jose Sharks, who previously played for the Boston Bruins, went camping with us for a show the next day. We went to bed and the next morning he was gone. We were sitting around a fire and were like, “Ok, we just lost the captain of the Boston Bruins,” but the best part was no one really gave a shit. It was a like a college party where you lose a friend, and expect to find him later.

7 hours later, he comes back with cotton candy and Twizzlers and he’s like “hey look what I found.” We finished the show and it was one of the best shows we’ve had.

You have 3 kids, 2 boys, a daughter, and a wife. What’s is like in your house?

I’ve been married to my wife for over 20 years, I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t gamble, I run my family like my show: Good clean fun. It’s controlled chaos. Lots of respect, lots of love, lots of fun. Our kids are very well behaved and I spend a lot of time with them.

But you never know who is coming and going in our house. We have this alarm that goes off when the gate opens up and one time, last summer, it went off for like 20 minutes. I went to the front and there’s a huge tour bus and down comes Lynard Skynard. He’s like “Charlie! I’m in town and we have a concert tonight.” So we had a barbeque.

Then there was a time when Mike Sullivan from Godsmack came over and was playing my guitar in my house. So I was like “What’s up Mike.”

Why should I watch your show vs. another fishing show?

These days, on television, there are all these shows like “I dated your mom” or “celebrity rehab.” On the other side, there are all these shows like “a thousand different ways to tie a lure.”

I fish, but I entertain people while doing it. My shows are about getting engaging people and having a good time, yet doing it with good clean fun.

What’s next?

Right now’s my life is about season 2 of No Offense, but no matter what happens, I’ll never be unprepared because it could all be over in a blink of an eye.

For more information about Charlie Moore, please visit www.charliemoore.com and www.facebook.com/charliemooreoutdoors.



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