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July 21, 2011 Comments (0) Bass Fishing, Catfishing, Fishing Tips, Other Fishing

My Favorite Fish to Catch

Do you have a favorite fish to catch? For me, any day spent with a hook in the water is a good day. But there are certain kinds of fishing that I get really excited for. I haven’t caught every kind of fish I’d ever like to, and there are certainly a few on my bucket list that I intend to get to. But I’ve had so much fun fishing so far in my life. And I think that’s due to catching some really fun species.


So here’s my top five favorite fish to catch.

5. Walleye

Walleye are big, beautiful fish that present a unique challenge when you go to throw them in the boat. They have a mouth full of teeth that will rip a finger off if you let them. They aren’t the world’s hardest fighters but when you land a big one you certainly know it. But the absolute best thing about catching a walleye? Eating a walleye. They are by far my favorite freshwater eater.

4. Flathead Catfish

Not all catfish are the same. And if you grow accustomed to reeling in channel cats, sometimes they can put you to sleep. Many a catfish has been mistaken for a log or a snag. But flatheads, especially when they get north of 20 lbs., will put up an amazing fight. They are ugly and mean they’ll tow you all over a river.

3. Largemouth Bass

You can catch bass all day. But if you want a nice one, it requires a hunt. I put more strategy into catching largemouth bass than I do most any other fish. Because a big one is worth the effort. And fishing big bass with topwater lures just might be the most fun you can legally have.

2. Northern Pike

They are not great to eat. You might even say they’re just downright bad. They’re ugly as sin. And reaching in to unhook a lure requires chain mail gloves. But fighting against a northern pike is truly a thrill. I’m yet to get a marlin or a sailfish, but I wonder if watching a pike jump 5 or 6 feet out of the water is any less exciting.

1. Smallmouth Bass

Before you roll your eyes, allow me to qualify this statement. Smallmouth that live in fast moving rivers are my favorite. I was around 11 the first time I hooked one. I was on a canoe trip with my family and I was pretty sure that I was dug into a monster. After pulling me in circles for several minutes, I got the fish to the canoe. It was about a pound and a half of smallmouth bass. But to this day, pound for pound, they are my favorite fish to catch. And I don’t have to travel more than a few miles from home to get to them. That pushes them up my board.

What’s your top 5 favorite fish to catch?




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