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July 6, 2011 Comments (0) Saltwater Fishing

My First 80lb Tarpon Caught Near Sanibel Island

I’ve fished many different bodies of salt water from Costa Rica, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico many times but I wanted to do more tactical fishing on this trip besides the normal King, Tuna and Grouper that I’ve caught before.

This past week during our annual family vacation I had the honor of catching the fish that most salt water fishermen live for – the Tarpon (or Silver King).

The tarpon has been voted the number one sport fish in Florida for many years and I now know why. The fight of a Tarpon is one that you’ll never forget.

I met up with Captain Jason Moore near Lovers Key resort in Fort Myers around 7AM and loaded onto his 22′ Pathfinder. We finally sighted our first Tarpon around 10AM and casted about 10-15 yards in front of him…FISH ON! We had him!

The anticipation of seeing the first jump of my first Tarpon was the biggest thrill to me. I was fighting for nearly 20 minutes pulling back, reeling down, moving left, moving right. My rod stayed bent the whole time and I wondered when it would snap like a toothpick. This Tarpon literally ran me around the boat 6 times!

One final tug during our fight, and the 50lb test line broke…

If you have not had the chance to go fishing for a Tarpon, I recommend getting a trip booked.




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