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Record 178lb Halibut Caught In WA State

By on May 27th, 2011 comments

With grocery prices on the rise, there’s one easy way to score about a decade’s worth of fresh fish. Just do what Geoff Meredith did in the Straught of Juan de Fuca off the coast of Washington state—catch an enormous halibut.

Geoff’s fish weighed in at 178 lbs. Earlier in the day, his boat also landed a 45 pounder.

Sadly for Geoff, he hauled in his monster just a few days early to enter in the Port Angeles (Washington) Halibut Derby. The biggest fish in that contest wins $5,000. Last year’s winner was 88 lbs.

I get the feeling Geoff might have walked away with the prize this year. Oh well. Guess you’re stuck with the fish of a lifetime. Bet he wouldn’t have traded that catch for five grand.


Halibut Catch

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