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June 15, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing News

Romanian Priest Shocked By 50,000 Volts While Fishing Now Dead

For crying out loud, people. Take a look around before you cast. Romanian Priest Vasile Crisan cast his fishing rod and hit an overhead power cable. Shocked by 50,000 volts, the 48-year-old was dead.

“Paramedics tried to resuscitate him for two hours, but to no avail. He was declared dead as 9.45 PM,” policeman Emil Vlad said.

Aside from being the setup to a joke I SWEAR I’ve heard before, this news serves as a warning. Man-made things are constantly encroaching on our fishing spots. So not only do fishermen have to be aware of natural dangers like venomous snakes and snapping your ankle on slick rocks, you have to watch out for power lines, rip tides from drain pipes and spinning outboard motors.

Anyway, I hate hearing news like this. Especially about a relatively young guy. So keep an eye out, folks. It’s a dangerous world out there. By choosing to be outdoorsmen and women, we choose to take on a certain level of risk. And that means we have to be responsible.



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