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July 28, 2011 Comments (0) Saltwater Fishing

Shark Fishing?

Is anyone else terrified by the notion of shark fishing?

Maybe terrified isn’t the word. And I’ve reeled in a few smaller sharks before while doing some saltwater beach fishing. I’m talking about the expedition shark-fishing that involves sharks big enough to bite a grown man in half. What’s the appeal there?

I’m a freshwater guy. I’ve never been a fan of the ocean. Even from a non-fishing standpoint I’d rather spend a week long vacation holed up in the mountains or on the shore of some big lake. Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams–they’re all far more appealing to me than the ocean. I guess it’s a comfort thing. But it’s also what I grew up around.

But there are some species I enjoy catching in the ocean. Tarpon. Snapper. Grouper. Mahi. Clearly I like to eat what I catch. But what’s the point of catching monster sharks?

I think it’s self-preservation. I don’t hunt wolves or mountain lions either. I don’t have any desire to kill a rhino or an elephant. I avoid stingrays and venomous snakes. Anything that could quickly and easily kill me is not on my list of hunting or fishing targets. Call me boring. I call me alive. And that’s a better way to be if you ask me.

And it’s not that I don’t enjoy an adrenaline rush now and then, either. At least that’s how I used to be. Back in the day I’d take dirt bikes over big jumps. I even went sky-diving a time or two. But now that I sit and think about it a minute, I keep slowing down more and more the older I get. Just typing that was tough for me. Because I don’t feel like I’m any less exciting than I’ve ever been. But I’m getting older.

So I don’t fish for sharks. Boring. I sold my dirt bike because it left me sore for days every time I rode it. Boring. I stopped Pet Cemetery half way through last time I watched it because it was making me jumpy. Boring.

So what started out as a post about how dumb shark fishing is has now turned into a post about how I need to plan a shark fishing trip. Maybe I need to do it to re-ignite the excitement of my youth before it’s really too late.

Nah. Shark fishing is crazy. I’ll just watch Pet Cemetery.



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