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April 8, 2011 Comments (2) Fishing News

Shark Found In Kentucky Coal Mine

A coal miner in a western Kentucky coal mine in Webster County noticed something unusual jolting from the ceiling about 700 feet underground.

Miner, Jay Wright, 25 from Dixon, Kentucky was working his early afternoon shift on February 24 when he discovered the jawbones of a shark with teeth measuring a massive 2 inches wide in Webster County’s Dotiki Mine.

The size of the shark was that of a Great White, or as much as 20 feet in length and weighed as much as 1 ton. The shark was swimming in western Kentucky nearly 300 million years ago when the western Kentucky region was just a shallow ocean.

In the meantime, Wright has agreed to let researchers and scientists from Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky keep the fossil to examine more closely.



2 Responses to Shark Found In Kentucky Coal Mine

  1. Tim says:

    that’s crazy! makes me wanna be a coal miner now

  2. Bryant S. says:

    very neat

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