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July 18, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing News

The Fishing At Lake Ontario Is Hot

It used to be a well known secret, but in the past couple years. The secret is finally out that the fishing on Lake Ontario is world class, and anglers everywhere are trying to get in on the bite.

Carol Hoover of Ft. Worth Texas, agrees, “I’ve been hearing about these family trips, these fishing trips for about ten years, and the girls got to join this year with the boys,and we had a great time!”

The fishing is so good that a TV crew came all the way from South Carolina to produce shows on Lake Ontario.

Bob Redfern, host of Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine loves Western New York, “We’ve been coming up here about three years now,you have one of the best fisheries, Smallmouth, Steelhead, and again, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Niagara Falls area is just a wonderful place to come to!”

Lake Ontario offers the best freshwater Trout and Salmon fishing in the nation. The lake averages 400 feet in depth and the majority of the lake is cold which these fish thrive in. People from all over the world come to fish Lake Ontario.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting way to spend a day, head up to Lake Ontario, find a good guide, and get ready for some outstanding fishing!



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