Four Deer Rescued From Alaskan Waters

Current weight record alligator in Mississippi. Caught in Mississippi River 2013

HUGE Record Breaking Alligator Caught In The Mississippi River

December 28, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing News

The Pacu Fish: AKA The Ball Cutter

People in a remote location of Papa New Guinea have been wondering what mysterious thing could be biting off young men’s testicles in the area’s waters.

Jeremy Wade, 53, from River Monsters spent weeks in the area and finally caught the perpetrator: the Pacu fish, locally known as the Ball Cutter.

The Ball Cutter has an impressive set of teeth, very much like human teeth, which tear off the testicles of innocent swimmers and anglers leaving them to bleed to death.

Note: Buy swimming suits with the netting no matter how dorky you look or feel.




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