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14 Gadgets For The Ultimate Fishing Boat

August 23, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing Equipment, Fishing Type

The Ultimate Fishing Gadget

If you thought the Pocket Fisherman was the ultimate fishing gadget, think again. There’s now a product that will catch your fish for you. A small, quiet motor running on four AA-batteries will set your hook at the push of a button. Now if only you could get someone to cast for you, you wouldn’t have to move a muscle.

Alright, I’m a little bitter about this one. I talked recently about liking fishing because it’s laid-back. But there are lengths that just shouldn’t be reached. And a fishing device like this almost takes all the skill out of fishing. Now it’s like a video game where the controller vibrates and you mash the X-button to set the hook. Actually, it’s not just a little like that. That’s exactly what you do.

The producers of the Power Fish’n Hybrid Reel say it’s not necessarily for the lazier among us. They say it’s for the elderly, disabled or anyone else who needs some assistance in setting a hook. But that’s how the Segway started, too. But now it’s just something expensive for stupid lazy rich people to zip around on. And I’d venture to say that the majority of these reels won’t be purchased by or for the elderly and disabled. I wish someone would prove me wrong.

Now I know, this is probably just another advancement in fishing technology. And I use advanced fishing technology every time I take a trip out to the back pond. I don’t fish with spears and cane poles. I use expensive graphite rods and hardened steel hooks. Compared to the way that cave people caught fish, my stuff makes it look like it’s not even fair.

But setting a hook is something my dad taught me. It took me a long time to be able to tell the difference between bumping a rock or a log and the nibble of a fish. And to think that there will be people out there pushing a button on a magic reel to get their fish to the boat–well it kinda makes me sick.

On the plus side, I just don’t see how this thing could work. So anyone trying to use it will probably lose more fish than he catches. So maybe I’ll go to the store and wait for someone to buy this thing. Then I’ll follow him to his fishing hole and show him that fishing know-how trumps a fishing gadget any day of the week.



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