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Catching Bass In The Cooler Fall Weather

September 15, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing Tips

Tips For Catching Crappie This Fall

Not sure if it’s just me or not, but it seems like fish taste better when they are caught in colder water in the winter months or in a very cold natural spring-fed creek.

One of the best tasting and fun fish to catch are Crappie. They usually swim in large schools and can be found in most US waters. My personal favorite place to fish for Crappie is Grenada Lake. Flights to Memphis are affordable and Grenada Lake is full of them!

When the warm waters start cooling down during the fall, the fish start to get really active and began feeding aggressively to fatten up for the cool winter months. They can be found feeding on anything from Shad to insects.

Crappie love structure, so make sure to fish around areas with cover or underwater rock ledges. Stumps, rock piles and fall trees are all great places to cast but be careful not to get caught up in a huge brush pile.

Spinner baits usually work well in determining whether there are some large fish under these structures. They are versatile, effective and fairly weedless. If you can’t get a bite off a spinner bait, try putting a minnow on the hook. It’s hard for a Crappie to resist a minnow right in front of it’s face.

What other tips do you have for catching Crappie this fall?



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