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June 16, 2011 Comments (0) Other Fishing

Top 10 Twitter Profiles Every Fisherman Should Follow


This guy is the king of YouTube fishing vids. He uploads good ones and points you toward good ones from other people.


The Pro Anglers Association keeps you up on news and events all over the country.


Equipment reviews, tips, gear giveaways. These guys are all over the place. Fun stuff.


James Hall is the editor of Bassmaster Magazine. His articles are some of the best. Tweets are good, too.


Info on every spinnerbait you can think of and exactly when and where to use it.


He runs a good fishing blog and keeps a lot of good fishing conversation going with followers.


This profile keeps things light with plenty of fishing humor.


This guy really cares about fishing tackle. It shows.


If you can’t practice your skills during the day, this will keep your mind in the right place—on the water.


Good info. Better giveaways. These guys sponsor some really awesome giveaways and contests.

Get on Twitter and give these guys a follow. Who did I leave off?




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