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Hot Weather Calls For Different Fishing Techniques

August 1, 2011 Comments (0) Bass Fishing, Fishing Techniques, Fishing Tips

Water Color Is The Key To Catching Bass

The right color of lure can turn your slow day of bass fishing into a great day of fishing where you find yourself reeling in mountable fish. The trick is to find which lure works in any given situation, especially with all the plastic and rubber worms available on the market today.

It is important to check the visibility of the water that you plan to fish. One tip to check visibility is to tie on a bright color worm or lure and reel it up against your rod tip. Place your rod tip down into the water and make a note at which point it fades from your sight. If you can’t see it in 2 feet of water, you should use a brighter lure with a fluorescent tail or metallic flecks.

For water with 6 foot visibility, use quieter colors such as pumpkinseed, watermelon, brown, black or green. In gloomy water, try using a larger 9 – 12 inch worm for greater visibility. In clear water, 3 to 6 inch worms work well.

Fishing early in the day or later at night when there’s not so much activity on the water can help while fishing. You should also watch for the ripples and splashing of the the small baitfish where the bass tend to chase shad.

Crankbaits, although not the best choice, can do the trick if worked slow. Spinnerbaits can be used over submerged ledges and steep shorelines. Also, don’t overlook night crawlers or minnows if all else fails.

Be patient. If you catch a lot of small bass, be persistent. Big brother is not far off.



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