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August 18, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing Type

Fishing Fashion

Today we’re talking hot weather fishing fashion. One of the reasons we get involved with outdoor sports is because of all the fun stuff we get to buy. Fishing is no different. And now and then we drop some change on specialized fishing apparel and accessories. Maybe I’m showing my cards a little too much, but buying gear is one of my favorite parts.

But the reason I’ve been thinking about fishing fashion lately has been because of the intense we’ve been having here at home and across most of the country.

For hunters, their clothing is usually more equipment than apparel. It’s essential to keeping them camouflaged when their prey approaches. And a lot of hunting is done during seasons when it’s cold. So they have to wear bulky stuff to stay warm. But I know you’ve been in a situation like this, because I have about a hundred times: you get to your stand early in the morning when it’s freezing cold. But by mid-morning the sun is on you and you’re burning hot, but you don’t dare take your coat off because your bare arms will be like big orange flashlights to deer.

All of that to get to this point: another reason why baiting a hook is so great is that the clothing doesn’t matter. And in extreme temperatures, clothing is even optional.

You couldn’t stalk a deer in cutoff jean shorts. You couldn’t wear a wife beater in a duck blind. But for the summertime, just about anything goes.

I love my special shirts. You know the ones. They’re usually from Columbia or something similar. They have mesh everywhere and they’re light and breathable. And I have a wide selection of hats and even special fishing pants and cargo shorts. But I can also strip down to some shorts and wade chest deep in the water and still get some good fishing done. That’s my kind of sport.

So without further rambling…here are some must have apparel when going fishing:

  1. Columbia PFG
    Keep your whole body protected from the sun, but also feel the summer breeze at the same time.
  2. Buff Headwear
    Keep your head and neck protected from the harsh sun. Don’t get a sunburn on that neck!
  3. Costa Sunglasses
    Your eyes need protection too. Keep them protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

So the question is this: do fish care what you wear? I guess I’m asking ignorantly because maybe there’s some research that indicates that camo clothing is just as effective for fishermen as it is for hunters of deer, turkey, etc. But my research says that it doesn’t matter a bit. For I have seen many a half-drunk loudmouth pull big fish out of the water wearing jorts and safety yellow tank tops.

Even if you’re punch drunk and smoking a stogie, you can still reel in a keeper or two.

What are you wearing fishing this steamy summer?




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