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What To Have In Your Tackle Box

What to put in your tackle box

The Tackle box is a fisherman’s best friend, so it goes without saying that it requires the proper amount of care and attention. Instead of having a junk drawer for a tackle box, fishermen should keep it simple and neat. That being the case, we’ve compiled the items you must have in your tackle box.

Needle-Nose Pliers

This simple tool is the ultimate fisherman’s instrument. Although primarily used for removing hooks from fish, pliers can come in handy in dozens of scenarios. Whether tying knots, handling tricky hooks, flattening barbs, and any other unexpected situations, pliers are a must.

First Aid Kit

While fishing is generally a pretty safe sport, it’s always better safe than sorry. A simple first aid kit can go a long way when those pesky small injuries happen. There’s no reason for a misdirected hook or bad scrape to ruin a perfectly enjoyable fishing trip. Do yourself a favor and pick up a small (waterproof) first aid kit, you won’t be sorry.


Besides for pliers, a trusty knife can be the most prolific tool for a fisherman. You never know when you’ll have to cut a line, rope, or even a fish, so think ahead and be prepared. Many fishermen opt for the ultra-versatile fillet knife, and reasonably so. These practical stainless-steel knives can be used to slice baits, clean fish, and even open cans.

Extra Line

Running out of line is a surefire way to ruin a fishing expedition. Even if you’re a fishing veteran, you never know when your line may break, get tangled, or just snag. Spare line is small and barely weighs anything so be smart and keep a few extra spools of different weights in your tackle box. Furthermore, because different conditions sometimes call for different line, you’ll always be prepared.


Sinkers are one of those underrated fishing tools which can make or break a good fishing trip. Assuming you carry enough bobbers, leaders, lures, and hooks, sinkers are a must for any legitimate tackle box. Sinkers, also called weights, can ensure that your bait stays down in the water and more importantly, in the right place. These devices, often made of lead, can be lifesavers when dealing with currents. Also, sinkers tend to get lost easily so you’ll want to be sure you have spares. However, keep in mind that many states are banning the use of lead sinkers due to environmental concerns. Instead, there are plenty of great alternatives such as steel, tungsten, and brass.



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