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August 29, 2011 Comments (0) Fishing News

Woman Goes Fishing, Catches a Fake Leg

In Wausau Wisconsin, a woman recently went fishing and reeled in a fake leg. But that, by far, is the most normal part of this story .

We’ve all been hooked to weird stuff before. Dead fish, big limbs or garbage of all sorts. But there’s got to  only be a handful of fake limbs at the bottoms of our lakes and ponds. To reel one in has to be exceptionally rare. And that’s understandable. Prosthetics are extremely expensive. The leg that this woman reeled in was a $7000 model. Ever caught a fish worth that much?

So the story gets weirder. The woman called into town to talk to the hospital. She was looking for the doctor who specialized in fitting patients with fake legs. Four phone calls later, the owner of the missing leg was found.

But it keeps getting weirder.

The leg belonged to another woman and she had been missing it for three years. Of course, she never expected to see it again, so she was pretty surprised to see it, even if it was a tad water-logged and scummy. And the leg itself, when the woman reeled it in to her boat, was wearing a water shoe. Yes, we’re not done with weirdness.

The woman that lost it says it was her swimming leg. She was wearing it while swimming across the lake when it fell off. Now, I’m not one to tell anyone what to do with their life. And I don’t know why this woman’s leg was missing in the first place. So don’t judge me here. But why did she need a fake leg to help her swim? And if she did, why did she go to the trouble of putting a water shoe one it? (I would assume the answer to that is that shoes are sold in pairs, and she had nothing else to do with the spare shoe.)

And I guess my biggest question is this: if you were swimming across a lake and your leg fell off, wouldn’t you go to some trouble to try and find it? Add in the fact that it cost $7000 and you can bet your life that I would have hired a team of scuba divers to find it before dinner that night. But her method of just waiting for someone to hook it while fishing for walleye seems to have worked. After all, she and the leg are reunited. Hope she straps it on a little tighter before her next swim.


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